Upgrading Insulation: Key To Going Green

Upgrading insulation is always one of the top recommendations for going green.

Upgrading insulation is always one of the top recommendations for going green. That’s because there are tremendous environmental and cost benefits to having a well-insulated home.

Upgrading Insulation:

Upgrading insulation is one of “Organic Architect” Eric Corey Freed‘s Top 5 go-green tips, recently featured on Inhabitat. “The more, the better,” says Freed. In fact, Freed calls wrapping your home in insulation “probably the most important factor you can control in creating an energy-efficient home.” The story goes on to explain that about half your home’s heating and cooling will escape through the walls, windows, floors, and roof.

Freed suggests performing an energy audit on your home or surveying it with an infrared scanner or thermal radiometer to find out where to add insulation. To add on the environmental benefits, select eco-friendly insulation such as blow-in cellulose insulation, which is made with recycled newspaper.

Insulation Contractors in Kansas City

We will be happy to talk to you further to help you decide which type of insulation is best for your Kansas City home. The important thing to remember is that the effectiveness of insulation depends more on the quality of installation than the material used. Tests show that a mere four percent gap from poorly installed insulation can cut your insulation’s performance in half! At Henges Insulation, we understand this. Our technicians are thoroughly trained, obtain regular re-certifications throughout their careers, and understand the complexity and importance of insulation. Call us for professional insulation for your Kansas City home – 913-764-4600.


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