Smart Phone Apps Help you Save Energy

You’ve made the switch to compact florescent, insulated your building envelope and installed solar panels on your roof. How else could you possibly conserve energy? suggests using your smartphone to manage the rest of your home energy consumption. Read on for a quick glance at their fab five.

1. Sunpower Monitoring System. Monitors energy produced from SunPower-branded solar systems in real time for those with roof-mounted photovoltaic array.

2. Wiser. Control everything from lighting to security, climate and even camera monitoring from your phone. The more home elements you have attached to the system (i.e. air conditioning, sprinkler system, lighting, etc.), the more the app can control.

3. MeterRead. This handy iPhone app lets you read your electricity meter using your phone. Each time you check it, the app tell you how many kilowatt hours (kW�h) of power were used since the last read. That information can then be used to predict your total energy usage over the next 30 days.

4. Control4Mobile Navigator. Control everything from security, lighting, and temperature to music and video — provided that the Control4 system is installed at home.

5. iPhone Energy UFO. On-the-go visual feedback of electricity consumption and cost.

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