Renewable and green energy solutions for Missouri homes

We recently attended a meeting of the Missouri Association of Accredited Energy Professionals (MAAEP). This non-profit association of energy assessors and home performance professionals promotes renewable and green energy solutions for existing homes and buildings, as well as new construction. Members of MAAPE’s executive board traveled to Kansas City Tuesday night to hear from our industry professionals on their recent focus – proposing widespread energy efficient audits and upgrades for existing Missouri homes and offices.

“The news of energy efficiency is spreading,” said Byron DeLear, MAAPE Executive Board. “I predict that not only will every building in our country be audited and analyzed to diagnose what improvements can be made, but eventually, the idea of an energy efficiency audit and retrofit will be as commonplace as the safety and emissions test for your car.”

Some of the goals of MAAPE’s recent efforts include:

–        Urging legislators to update the state’s outdated energy efficiency policies.

–        Lowering Missourians electric bills (Missouri is 41st in the nation for energy efficiency).

–        Raising the bar on home energy audit and improvement standards, in part through consumer education.

–        Branding a statewide home audit system to accurately and consistently rate Missouri homes, making efficiency important to home value.

–        Encouraging the adoption of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) legislation to help homeowners finance home energy audits and improvements. PACE is state-enabling legislation that allows cities to pursue bonds to pay for a revolving loan program that lends money to both commercial and residential property owners for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. It alleviates the upfront cost of efficiency and renewable upgrades by allowing home or business owners to pay over time through an additional charge on property tax, making the upgrades net positive from day one.

To learn more, read about MAAPE’s recent lobbying efforts in Jefferson City, Mo., or visit MAAPE’s Web site.

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