Protecting your Family from Lead

Earlier, this month, we blogged about a new law being enacted next month (April 22, or Earth Day, to be exact) regarding lead exposure in pre-1978 homes in “How to Safely Contain Lead in Pre-1978 Homes.”

Kansas City Homes & Gardens‘ March 2010 issue covers this issue in greater depth, courtesy of the expertise of Jan Burchett, executive director of the Kansas city chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

According to Burchett in the article, “Protecting Your Family from Lead Exposure”, “certified contractors/remodelers are obligated to prove their valid certification by displaying their official lead-based paint license, certificate or training certificate to a homeowner. Don’t be afraid to ask prospective remodelers to describe what they’ll do to practice lead safety, and if you’re having your home tested to determine the existence of lead, have them specify what the final lead inspection entails.”

Henges Insulation has already undergone its certification, so you can rest assured we are ahead of the curve, well before this pivotal law goes into effect.

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