Kansas City a Leader in Effiency Initiatives

As we spoke about in a recent post, “Renewable and Green Energy Solutions for Missouri Homes,” the folks at Henges Insulation recently attended a meeting of the Missouri Association of Accredited Energy Professionals (MAAEP). This non-profit association of energy assessors and home performance professionals promotes renewable and green energy solutions for existing homes and buildings, as well as new construction.

According to EnergyBoom.com, The MAAEP wants to make Missouri not just a coal state, but also an efficiency state too. The good news is  that we’re already making progress. The article states that “In the Midwest, Kansas City is a leader in efficiency incentives. The Home Performance with Energy Star rebate program is working with Kansas City Power & Light and Missouri Gas Energy to provide home owners with rebates of up to $1,200 when properties are improved with efficiency upgrades.” The Metropolitan Energy Center has had more than 200 completed contracts since the program began, with many in the pipeline.

Exciting news for Kansas City. As Barry Dicker of Decent Energy says, “We can have a much more significant impact by acting collectively, than any of us can individually.”

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