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KC insulation and fireplaces Henges
Henges Insulation & Fireplaces services in the kansas city area
Saving America's Energy
Since 1932
Free Estimates... Call 913-764-4600

Insulation Installer

Job Summary:

Lines and covers structures with insulating materials. Works with batted, rolled, sprayed, injected and blown insulation materials.

Essential Functions:

  1. Reads blueprints and selects appropriate insulation based on space characteristics and the heat-retaining or excluding characteristics of the material.
  2. Measures and cuts insulation for covering surfaces, using tape measures, handsaws, power saws, knives, or scissors.
  3. Covers and lines structures with blown or rolled forms of materials to insulate against cold, heat, or moisture, using saws, knives, rasps, blowers, and other tools and implements.
  4. Fits, wraps, staples, or glues insulating materials to structures or surfaces using hand tools or wires.
  5. Covers, seals, or finishes insulated surfaces or access holes with plastic covers, canvas strips, sealants, tape, cement, or asphalt mastic.
  6. Distributes insulating materials evenly into small spaces within floors, ceilings, or walls using blowers with hose attachments.
  7. Fills blower hoppers with insulating materials.
  8. Moves controls, buttons, or levers to start blowers and regulate flow of materials through nozzles.
  9. Prepares surfaces for insulation application by brushing or spreading on adhesives, cement, or asphalt or by attaching metal pins to surfaces.
  10. Removes old insulation following safety procedures.
  11. Operates gas powered equipment with pull and electric starts.
  12. Trouble shoots inconsistency with equipment. Adjust settings and regulates flow of product.
  13. Follows all manufacture written installation requirements and procedures for placement of all insulation products and materials.
  14. Operate midsize and large box trucks in all traffic and weather conditions. (14’ and 24’long 1 & 2 ton truck)


  1. High school diploma or equivalent preferred.
  2. Knowledge of materials, methods, and the tools involved in the construction or repair of houses, buildings, or infrastructures such as highways and roads.
  3. Ability to use installing equipment, machines, wiring, or programs to meet specifications.
  4. Ability to understand and comply with instructions and safety precautions.
  5. OSHA 10 Certification
  6. Valid Class E Driver’s License

Physical Qualifications:

  1. Manual dexterity and strength in using hands and arms in handling, installing, positioning, and moving materials, and manipulating work-related materials and equipment (100%).
  2. Be able to lift up to 75lbs (5-10%) and continuously lift between 25-50lbs (50%).
  3. Be able to carry between 25-50 lbs. over distances from 10’ to 100’ (50%).
  4. Physical strength to perform physical activities that require considerable use of arms and legs and moving of the entire body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials (50-75%).
  5. Ability to crouch, reach, squat, kneel, crawl, bend and twist at waist, push and pull for extended periods of time (50%).

Environmental Conditions:

  1. Work from ladders or in confined spaces (75%).
  2. Exposure to the outdoors, adverse conditions, high temperatures and particles from insulation materials that can irritate the eyes, skin, and respiratory system (75%).
  3. Extreme temperature in excess of 120 degrees F for extended periods of time (50%).
  4. Climbing up and down ladders (25%).
  5. Crawling through confined spaces and small holes averaging in size of 22″x30″ (25%).
  6. Manipulating climbing, balancing, crawling, stooping and lying in attic areas along truss webbing and 2″x4″ bracing throughout the attic space (50%).

Fax resume to 913-764-4602, email to, or come in to apply at 15640 S Keeler St., Olathe, KS 66062.