3 Reasons to Add Insulation to Your Home

Poor insulation can cause you a host of problems. Here are a few ways to tell if your home needs more insulation.

Why you need insulation St. JosephPoor insulation can cause you a host of problems. It can leave your home too hot or too cold, and it can drastically affect the cost of your energy bills. And 90% of homes in the United States deal with these consequences every day because of under insulation.  Here are a few ways to tell if your Kansas City area home needs more insulation.

Your Energy Bills Are Expensive

If you have an efficient heating & cooling system and your windows are in good shape, your insulation is probably the reason for your high energy bills. If your home is poorly insulated, your HVAC system has to work harder to keep your home at a desired temperature. This is because a home that isn’t properly insulated allows heat to seep into your home in the summer and cold air in the winter.

Upstairs Rooms Are Significantly Warmer in the Summer

Another telltale sign your home needs more insulation is if the upper levels of your home experience more heat and humidity in the summer months. Temperature differences that are 10-15 degrees or more between your lower and upper floors are a sign of poor insulation. Inconsistent temperatures is another issue that can affect how hard your heating and cooling system has to work, which will cost you more money on your energy bills.

Freezing Pipes in the Winter Months

Frozen pipes in the winter shouldn’t be an issue if you have a properly insulated home. If you experience this problem you are probably lacking insulation in the walls of your home and maybe your attic. Don’t wait too long to fix the issue, or you could have a real mess on your hands that will cost you a lot more money than having insulation installed. If your frozen pipes burst you could be looking at a gutted home.

Henges Insulation can install insulation in you home whether you live in St. Joseph or Olathe, Overland Park or Lee’s Summit. Call us today for a free insulation estimate at 913-764-4600.

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